Updated race recap page + Thanksgiving in photos


I realized I hadn’t updated my race recaps page since June (oops) so I spent a little time updating that — check it out!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! On Thursday, I raced the St. Paul Turkey Trot and then we had Thanksgiving #1 at my in-laws’ and there was a very special new addition to the family this year. This sweet, little kitty named Pizza:


On Friday, my family arrived at our house and we went to Burch Pizza for dinner. A few months ago, we ate at Burch Steak, which is the upstairs level of the restaurant because my brother worked as a chef there. Since that visit we had been dying to try the lower level neopolitan-style pizza bar and it was delicious! We ordered the Fugazza, which is chevre, shaved onions, oregano, arugula.


We also ordered the Polpo, which is pizza with marinated octopus, tomato sauce, arbequina olives, fresno peppers. Good, but not as delicious as the Fugazza. We also had to order some dumplings and decided to try the cheese dumplings with lamp stroganoff:


We also enjoyed their 25 cent small treats again – I had a chocolate-dipped coconut macaroon and a peanut butter truffle. Just the right amount of sweet!

On Saturday, we did some Small Business Saturday shopping and had Thanksgiving #2. No photos but I promise you, my mom’s cheesy potatoes and cherry cheesecake were enjoyed very much.

How was your Thanksgiving? 

What style of pizza is your favorite?

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  1. that pizza looks holy freaking amazing. i am going to krust this friday! shall i tell it to expect you? :P

  2. I ate at Burch Pizza last spring when I was in town! SO good. I was not aware of the $.25 treats….next time!
    My Thanksgiving was great, and what a treat a four-day weekend was!

    • Yes — those 25 cent treats are amazing. They usually have the chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons, but the other one rotates.

      Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :) Now it’s back to the real world!

  3. It’s 6a, and my mouth is watering for that fugazza :) I miss legit pizza the most since going GF… but, perhaps I’ll go there anyway and have a slice. Definitely looks worth it!

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