Fun Run Recap: Girls on the Run Twin Cities 5K


I had been crossing my fingers for no rain so I was thrilled to wake up to dry skies and a zero percent chance of precipitation for the next few hours. For my outfit, I settled on capris, my Oiselle singlet and arm warmers and a headband. After a Picky Bar and some coffee, I drove to Mandy’s house and we walked to go get our packets.

In terms of positive energy and all-around “warmandfuzziness,” there’s nothing quite like a Girls on the Run 5K and I noticed that this year, it was even more overwhelming because the program has grown so much here in the Twin Cities! I remember being a running buddy at the first 5K where there were just the girls from the two schools, the coaches and their running buddies. Now, the program has expanded to five sites and the 5K was open to community runners for the first time ever.

We got our packets and then met up with Amanda and Kristen before heading out for warm-up stretches!


The four of us ran together and I tried to keep us at a pace that could keep us warm — OK, maybe keepĀ meĀ warm. The wind + my bare shoulders wasn’t pleasant at all. Once we finished (which was awesome because people were cheering so loudly….for the GOTR girls behind us!) we cheered on the girls who were coming across the finish line.


Then, we went inside to warm up — my Oiselle Happy Hoodie never felt so good!




It was fun morning — seriously, if you’ve never been to a Girls on the Run 5K — try and check one out!

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  1. What a fun morning! So bummed to have missed! Glad the weather held out :)

  2. i LOVE your hoodie and also the top + arm warmers combo!

  3. Thank goodness it didn’t rain, cold + wet is certainly not a pleasant combination. Judging from what everybody else is wearing in the pic, you must have felt super cold, at least you looked good doing it. :P Congrats on another race well done!

  4. I’m so glad I went to this!! It really was cool to see the girls finish plus it got me off my butt on that chilly Saturday. ;) I’m also glad this post is up because I’m writing my recap now and I can link to it!

    PS Lets finally get some Spoon River soon!

    • Heading over to read yours right now! Had fun running with you :) And yes, Spoonriver before the holidays make our schedules too chaotic!

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