November 17, 2014
by hyedi

A Healing Weekend at Faith’s Lodge


After Charlie died, we had multiple people (caregivers, counselors and social workers) recommend that we go spend a weekend at Faith’s Lodge. So, sometime in late September, we filled out an application and found a weekend that worked — November 14-16 — and made our reservation. As the date drew closer, I felt myself getting more and more anxious about going. I was nervous about telling our story. And I was worried about connecting with the other couples there.

Faith’s Lodge is about two hours away from the Twin Cities and its mission is to provide a place for families and parents to go if they have a child with a serious illness or have lost a child. There are designated weekends for families with children who are ill vs. bereaved families and further designated by what age the child was when they passed away.

We took a half day off of work on Friday, dropped off Cole at my in-laws’ and crossed over the Wisconsin border.



As we pulled up to the lodge, I was totally blown away by how much more beautiful the lodge and property were in person, but I could also feel my anxiety building. To make matters worse, I knew we were going to be the last to arrive — the other couples had nearly 24 hours together prior to our arrival. But once we walked in and were greeted by name by the lodge manager, Lisa, I started feeling more at ease. She gave us a tour around the gorgeous 12,000 square foot lodge — there were multiple rooms where groups could gather or we could go to be alone (all with fireplaces), an arts and crafts room, a theater room and a huge kitchen and dining area.




Then, Lisa showed us to our cozy, yet spacious room and let us get settled. I laid down for a quick nap and then we headed upstairs for dinner. Lisa showed us where we could put the pictures we brought of Charlie — on a table with photos of the other couples’ beautiful children. We made our plates and joined a few other couples for a comforting dinner of soup and sandwiches. We all introduced ourselves and one of the other couples asked if we would be comfortable telling our story. I took a deep breath and told them about that ultrasound, the waiting, the specialist appointments, the roller coaster of emotions, the hospital visits, Charlie’s birth and finally, how we eventually said goodbye. It wasn’t long before tissues were being passed around the table and the other couples took turns sharing their stories with us. They were incredibly sad and moving stories, but they were also beautiful in how these parents are remembering their children.

After dinner, we had a group-led discussion with a social worker. We shared our story again and got to know the stories from the couples who weren’t at dinner. We all cried together and after that, we were all so emotionally exhausted that we went retreated to our rooms for bed.

The next morning, J and I slept in and made our way upstairs for some breakfast and arts and crafts.


Mid-afternoon, we decided to go into town to catch the end of the Gophers vs. Ohio State game and get some burgers and beer. We found a dive bar with friendly service and some pretty darn good food! And of course, I ordered a Spotted Cow.


Our last night at the lodge was one I’ll never forget. After dinner, we gathered in a room upstairs, downloaded Catch Phrase on my phone, divided into two teams (girls vs. guys, duh) and sat in a circle. For the next two hours, we laughed more than I’m sure a lot of us have in months. It was then that I realized just how familiar everyone seemed and how comfortable I felt with them, even though we had just met 24 hours earlier. The internal “I don’t fit in anymore” feeling that’s become a new part of my identity disappeared and I felt at ease.

We said our goodbyes the next morning and by the time we got home, there was already a group email chain going with all of our contact information in hopes of staying in touch.  I realized that while it’s not a bond that we wish we had, we do have something significant in common and whether or not we ever see each other again, I know we won’t forget one another.


November 12, 2014
by hyedi

Roommate Reunion #BritneyInVegas

Last Thursday night, I went to the first out of 11 shows that Garth Brooks is playing here in Minneapolis and it was hands down one of the best arena shows (and one of my favorite shows, EVER) I’ve ever been to. Then, bright and early Friday morning, two of my BFFs/college roommates and I headed to Vegas for a quick girls’ weekend.

With the time change, we arrived in Vegas at 9:30 a.m. and by the time we dropped our bags at the hotel and found a bar with a patio, it was about 11:30 a.m. We promptly ordered this when the waitress suggested it:


While we knew the 100 ounces of margarita wasn’t a good idea, it did seem like a very Vegas way to start our trip. But yeah, bad idea. After the bar, we headed back to the hotel where our fourth roommate, who drove from LA, met us. We got ready, went out for dinner and then it was time for BRITNEY!

She. was. terrible. And I loved every minute of it.


Post-Britney, we did a little gambling, had a few more beverages and found some cheese fries. But then, all of a sudden, I hit a wall and was EXHAUSTED. It was then that I remembered it was almost 4 a.m. Minnesota-time. We headed back up to the room where I promptly passed out.

On Saturday, I woke up earlier than I would’ve liked, but really couldn’t sleep anymore. We found some breakfast and Starbucks and then made our way down to the pool where we stayed for the next four hours. I think those four hours were among my top moments of 2014. It was so amazingly relaxing. The weather was a perfect 75+ degrees and oh so sunny. Perfection.


Eventually it was time to leave the pool and get ready for dinner. We headed to the Cromwell where we had reservations to try Giada’s new-ish restaurant. The entire menu looked pretty delicious, but we opted for the tasting menu experience which ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It was four courses with the highlights being the bacon-wrapped dates, the Sicilian roasted lamb and the amaretto chocolate cake complete with edible 24 karat gold. We got sent home with a cool “souvenir” that included recipes for the dishes that were a part of the tasting menu, and to my husband’s delight — a signed Giada headshot. lmao.


We had an early flight Sunday morning and came back to 30 degree weather and snow. Lame.

Post-running fall update: Walking around Vegas wasn’t good for my ankle/knee and definitely slowed my recovery. I now haven’t run in over a week which is a major bummer.

What’s your favorite Britney song?

November 5, 2014
by hyedi

Being watched while you sleep

Creepy title, huh? Just a couple of nights ago, I went in for a sleep study. For the past five or so years, I’ve struggled with sleep issues on and off. The only times I feel like I’m getting quality sleep is when I’m finally so exhausted that my body just crashes. In general, I never wake up feeling refreshed and take naps on the weekend like nobody’s business. AND I’m pretty sure I developed sleep apnea while I was pregnant which can be really dangerous, so my doctor suggested that I get this checked out now. I’ve already been through a ton of other kinds of testing (blood work, etc) and everything looks normal. I’m hoping that whatever they find out (if they DO find something) and me cleaning up my diet will help me finally start getting better sleep.

So anyways, if you’ve ever been curious about what a sleep study is, it went something like this:

8:45 p.m. – Arrived at the hotel/sleep clinic. Yes, the sleep clinic is in a hotel. They must have a partnership where they get a block of rooms to office out of and hold the studies. It’s pretty smart; plus, you get access to their continental breakfast in the morning.

8:50 p.m. – Had to go back out and move my car because I parked in the wrong lot.

8:55 p.m. – Hobbled back up to the room (per my injury from falling while running)

9:00 p.m. – Filled out two additional long questionnaires (I had already filled one out at home)

9:15 p.m. – Started getting hooked up while watching a bad TNT show

10:00 p.m. – More electrodes get pasted to my face

10:10 p.m. – Got ready for bed and sent the hubs a selfie


I sleep in style. Oiselle Podium PJs FTW!

10:15 p.m. – Lights out

Sometime around 11 p.m. – Still not sleeping and had to call the technician in the room to unhook me so I could use the bathroom (awkward)

Unsure of time – Back to bed. Weird dreams during the night.

6:40 a.m. – The technician woke me up over the speaker

6:45 a.m. – Took all of the wires and electrodes off of me

7 a.m. – Showered and got ready for work, filled out more questionnaires and then was on my way to work!

Next week, I have a follow up appointment with the sleep doctor (I’m sure there’s a more accurate title for her, but I’m unsure of what that is right now) where she’ll go over the results from the study. The technician wasn’t allowed to tell me anything the next morning. The only thing I know is that I don’t have moderate (or severe, for that matter) sleep apnea, because they didn’t put me on the CPAP and I’m pretty sure I don’t have any restless leg issues (not that I thought I did) because I rolled over once and the electrode came off of my leg and they didn’t come in to put it back on.

Have you or anyone you know gone through a sleep study?

How do you make sure you get good sleep?


November 4, 2014
by hyedi

FAB Fitness: Don’t Call it a Comeback

Now that I’ve committed to be one of four runners on a relay team for the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon at the end of January, I know I need to get my butt into gear in terms of training. I’m trying to consistently run ten miles each week and then gradually increase from there — adding in mileage and speedwork. I don’t want to overdo it, but I also have quite a bit of work to do.

Monday: OFF

Ran on Sunday, so took Monday off to rest.

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Impromptu run with Mandy. It was a nice evening and legs felt great.

Wednesday: 2 mile run

I was nervous running twice in 24 hours since it had been awhile since I’d done that. I also had a presentation at work that I needed to prep for, so I decided to only run two miles. Pushed the pace slightly (~9:30) and felt like I could’ve gone faster.

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 3 mile run

…at 5:45 a.m. and it was 29 degrees outside. ‘nough said.


Halloween was actually kind of rough for me, personally. It was really hard not to get sad with all of the photos of kids dressed up in cute costumes. Anyways, I found myself getting anxious about going out and almost decided not to, but I’m SO glad I did. Had a great night out dancing with the girls! (And one of the girl’s husbands.)



When I got home, it was around 2:30 a.m. and I had more than 8,000 steps on my fitbit. I call that a success!


Spent the day working on kitchen renovation-related things. It might not look like it, but we made a lot of progress in the last nine days!



Sunday was a 50 degree day in Minneapolis in November. Almost unheard of. I headed out for a run with Andrea. Legs were slightly tired, but felt great and we were maintaining a nice, sub-10:00 min/mi pace. But about 3 miles in, my ankle gave out and down I went. Yes, if you were thinking that this sounds familiar, you’d be correct. I went my entire life without falling during a run and now I’ve done it twice in the past six months.

I picked myself up and Andrea sat with me for awhile while I let the pain subside a bit and then we walked back to her apartment. Once I got home, I showered (ouch) and then left to meet Mandy for a pedicure. If you can’t imagine how a pedicure would ever be anything less than relaxing, try one with a black and blue toe, road rash on your calf and a swollen ankle.

Today (I’m writing this on Monday) I woke up with my toe and knee feeling slightly better but my ankle about 10x worse. But I gotta heal up quickly! I was finally getting back into the running groove, not to mention that Britney/Vegas is this weekend and this Ace bandage won’t go well with any of the dresses I’m planning to wear.

Did you dress up for Halloween?

What’s your favorite non-exercise way to get in steps? Mine is dancing (duh).

Have you ever fallen while running?

October 29, 2014
by hyedi

Random workout update + post-partum weight loss update

I haven’t done a workout recap in awhile, because my workouts were kind of all over the place. But now that I have Pilates on Tuesdays and Fridays, and a couple of weekly standing running dates with friends, I’m feeling like I’m finally getting back into the swing of things, workout-wise. I also took my first spin class in TEN MONTHS! It was quite hard, but I am so happy to be spinning again.


At work, we’ve also been making a team effort to be more active. I talked about how we all have Fitbits and some coworkers ran the 5k a couple of weekends ago. I also try and take the stairs (up to the seventh floor) at least once a day and we have been doing walking meetings where I usually get in a one mile walk at the same time!


I have to say that as soon as winter hits, I’m going to be sad that I didn’t do more running outside. Fall is my favorite time of the year to run outdoors and this year, fall in MN has been particularly outstanding!

I did, however, recently get out for a fun run with Andrea that took us around the Mill City and St. Anthony Main area. Love this part of Minneapolis:


Related to my weekly workouts, I am officially able to zip and button my tightest pair of pre-pregnancy jeans and my favorite leather skirt! At my first post-partum checkup I was down 27 pounds from the 40 I gained while pregnant. I wanted to lose the additional 13 to get to pre-pregnancy weight and then an additional two pounds to my comfortable weight. As of the last time I weighed myself (last week) I have just over three pounds to go to my pre-pregnancy weight. However, more important than the number on the scale, I’m hoping to start incorporating more strength training into my workout routine. I’m not feeling strong at all these days so I definitely need to hit the weights!

 What’s your favorite time of the year to run? Why?

October 27, 2014
by hyedi

Fun weekend + St. Peter Fun Run Recap

What a fun and busy weekend!

On Friday, J and I went to my dear friend and marathon buddy’s wedding. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and my friend looked gorgeous!




Plus, it was like a mini reunion with some of my former co-workers.


Early Saturday morning (which, let me tell you, felt great the morning after a late and wine-filled night), Andrea, Mandy and I drove down to St Peter to meet up with Jen to run the St. Peter Fun Run!



St. Peter is a small-ish city just outside of Mankato, Minnesota. This was the 11th year they’ve held this Halloween Fun Run and it’s a pretty course with some hills and a surprisingly good amount of crowd support! I took it super easy and just enjoyed the lovely weather and all of the fun costumes. After the race, we grabbed some snacks and checked out the little festival that was set up. They really went all out! For all of you Parks and Rec fans, I seriously felt like I was at the Harvest Festival!

On our way back to the Cities, we made a quick pit stop here:


I left with a nice little haul.

The rest of the weekend was busy busy. We went out for yummy drinks for Andrea’s birthday. I was having so much fun, I forgot to take photos! But my drink was delicious. I had “The Greek God:” Skinos Masitha Spirits, House-made Sour, Muddled Cucumber & Seltzer Water. So refreshing. I also ordered the lefse nachos which consisted of smoked salmon, cucumbers, finely sliced radish, pistachio guacamole & crème fraiche. Awesome.

Sunday morning, I met up with Andrea again and we took Cole for a 2.5 mile walk. The weather was too amazing not to get out and enjoy it.

For the rest of the weekend, my time was consumed by working on this “little” project we have going on:


We bought our house five years ago and have been renovating each room ever since. This is by far the biggest project yet. It’s not like I’ve been cooking a ton lately anyways, but now that my kitchen is in my living room and we don’t have access to a stove/oven, it doesn’t look like I’ll be starting anytime soon!

On the running front, I’m looking forward to what is most likely my last race of 2014 (but who knows) — a turkey trot the weekend before Thanksgiving. And I believe I almost have my next big race locked down. I’m SUPER excited about it and hope to announce it very soon!

What kind of home improvement projects have you done?

Have you ever dressed up for a race?

What food should I make while I’m without an oven/stove?

October 24, 2014
by hyedi

Link-Up: Best and Worst of Racing

Best (or Worst) of My Racing History

Linking up with Jessie over at The Right Fits today! I thought this was a fun idea. Can you believe I’ve posted three days in a row?!

Best finisher’s shirt?

I love the TCM race shirts and even though it’s too big on me, I loved the 2012 TCM shirt.


Worst finisher’s shirt?

2012 Chisago Tri (agree with Erin)


Best finish line

Twin Cities Marathon. Hands down. There’s something about coming over that last hill and seeing the capitol and all of the people. And as you get closer, it gets louder and louder. It’s amazing.

Best overall swag/gear

Point Bock Run – a beer mug and all you can drink beer. Does that count?


Best crowd support

Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago or TCM! I’m always amazed at how many people come out (even super early in the case of TCM) to cheer the runners on!

Hottest race

Torchlight 5K – It’s always mid-late July and HOT. It’s actually been canceled a couple of times because of excessive heat warnings.

Coldest race

Reindeer Run – I used to run this race every year and it was one of the first races I ever ran! It’s always the first weekend of December and the course is a 5k around Lake Harriet. Two years in a row, it was blizzard-ing out and snow froze to my face.

This was one of the more bearable years:


Most beautiful course

I know I haven’t experienced many different landscapes, but I think parts of Ragnar and TCM are quite beautiful.


Hilliest course

Ragnar Relay Great River – Oof, no matter how many hills I include in my training leading up to Ragnar, I’m never prepared quite enough.


Race that took the most mental strength

Chisago Triathlon 2012 – Although I was well-trained for my first ever triathlon, I had a panic attack in the water, the minute we started swimming. Note to self: make sure your training includes open-water swims. It took everything I had to finish the swim portion of the race, and although it took a looooong time, I did it. I went on to get through the bike and run to officially become a triathlete!

Most disappointing finish

Twin Cities Marathon 2013 – after a strong start, my hip started seizing up right around mile 16 and by mile 19, the pain had also spread to my knee. I had to alternate walking and running for the last six or so miles. I’m smiling in the photo, but I was not happy and was in a lot of pain. Then, a trip to the medical tent capped off a disappointing race.


Most organized

Shamrock Shuffle – For a race this big (33,000+ runners), the ease of packet pick up, gear drop off and pick up and getting into corrals amazes me. Also, it’s surprisingly not crowded, even right from the beginning!



Coolest medal

Big Ten 10K


Most emotional finish

Twin Cities Marathon 2012 – TCM 2012 was my first marathon ever and holy cow, I wasn’t prepared for the tears that came as I came over the last hill down to the finish line. Once I crossed, I completely broke down to the point that race volunteers were asking me if I was okay. I was crying out of pure happiness and amazement at what I had just accomplished.

What are your “bests” and “worsts?” 

Check out Erin’s best and worst of racing post here.

October 23, 2014
by hyedi

Skechers and the American Cancer Society

Disclaimer: Thanks to Skechers for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

To be completely honest, Skechers shoes have always had a pretty poor reputation in my mind. I remember having Skechers when I was younger, and to me, the shoes always felt bulky, heavy and unattractive – especially as I got older. So the fact that Skechers made running shoes wasn’t even on my radar, until Meb Keflezighi won the Boston Marathon wearing Skechers and Kara Goucher recently announced her sponsorship. I started to become curious. And then, Skechers reached out with the opportunity to try out a pair and to help spread the word about how they’re supporting the American Cancer Association. I had to see for myself and I was able to get on board with helping to support a good cause — especially because unfortunately, my family is all too familiar with cancer.

photo 2

Unfortunately, they were out of the GOrun3 shoe that I had originally requested to try, so I was sent the GOrun Sprint shoes, instead. My first impression of the shoes was that they were way lighter than I had anticipated, but still supportive. They felt good, but just like the other shoes I’ve tried that promote a midfoot strike, these will take some getting used to. My calves were already protesting after the short jog I did in them. Also, the shoes do seem to run a bit big. I’m definitely in between sizes in my running shoes, but I had quite a bit of extra room in these.

photo 3

Now I realize that Meb and Kara aren’t running in the GOrun Sprint’s or any shoe in this line and I wish that I would have been able to give the GOrun3 shoes a try instead, but it was still nice to put on a pair of Skechers that look and feel way better than the ones I wore back in the nineties. Related thought: I also think the GOwalk shoes in the line are really cute, especially after I saw Katie’s post. Sockless walking shoes — brilliant!

Here’s some more information about the GOrun Sprints that I tried out:

One piece knit mesh upper in a lightweight athletic running sneaker with Resalyte cushioning and midfoot strike design. Features a soft, heather grey and pale pink colorway, as well as the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon.

• One piece knit mesh fabric upper
• Lightweight, breathable mesh with stabilizing knit panels
• Resalyte cushioning midsole
• M Strike midfoot strike engineered design
• Ortholite insole
• Larger tongue for added cushioning and support
• Weight: 5.7 oz. in a women’s size 8

photo 4

Skechers Performance Division is also donating to American Cancer Society, and all of the Skechers Performance Division Awareness apparel and footwear features the ACS logo and messaging.

So if you’re curious like me, visit the Skechers website to read more about how they are supporting the cause! If you purchase at a Skechers retail store and donate $5 or more, you will receive 20 percent off your next visit. Which style would you pick?

October 22, 2014
by hyedi

October 22

One year ago today, we found out we were pregnant for the first time. We were about to go out for dinner for our anniversary so I thought I’d better take a HPT before drinking one (or two) glasses of wine. I ended up miscarrying a couple of weeks later, but we found ourselves pregnant again less than two months after that.

One year later, so much has changed, yet so much hasn’t. I’ve been pregnant, given birth, we met our son and said goodbye to him. But I’m still madly in love with my husband and I wouldn’t have made it through the past year without him.

So, happy anniversary, J! Here’s to many more.


September 29, 2014
by hyedi

Race Recap: 2014 Building Strength 5k

This past Saturday, I ran the Building Strength 5k for the third year in a row. My recaps from 2013 and 2012 are here and here. The race benefits South Metro Human Services. The funds supported South Metro’s programs that benefit their clients (people who have mental illnesses or chemical dependencies).

It was warm at race start, and sunny. Because I received my Oiselle shimmel when I was already pretty pregnant and didn’t like the way it looked on me, I still hadn’t worn it for a race. This seemed like the perfect opportunity! I paired it with my fresh green Distance Shorts that Oiselle sent me along with the shimmel, my Superfly cap and new Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s. (Because a race is great way to break in a pair of new shoes, right?)

I didn’t run early in the week because I was pretty sore after last weekend’s race. Then, I was even more sore after sprinting the bases at softball on Thursday night and had Pilates the next morning, so I didn’t run on Friday — the day before the race. So I felt a bit creaky when we took off.

Right before the race, I decided that my goal would be to beat last weekend’s time, but my more ambitious goal would be to break 30 minutes. I wanted to prove to myself that I could, since I mentioned in my last recap that I felt like I could’ve if I wouldn’t have stopped for a beer.

We didn’t start right up front, but it’s a small enough race that we started closer to the front than we might have usually done. I wore my Garmin this time, so I could focus on my pace to hopefully achieve at least one of my goals.

I found myself getting pretty winded already just a mile into the race and not feeling quite as confident at the 1.5 mile mark. The race course makes two loops around a park and after finishing the first loop, I was ready to be done. But somehow I finished, and ended up achieving both goals! As I’m writing this on Sunday, the official results haven’t been posted yet (pet peeve of mine), but according to my Garmin and Runkeeper (averaged the two times), I finished in 29:22. EDITED TO ADD: results are up and official time was 29:18!


This race was also fun because some of my coworkers came out and walk/ran, too! And the course was GORGEOUS — the fall colors are really getting to be pretty amazing.


It’s hard to believe that my 5k PR is almost five minutes faster than I finished this past weekend. It feels almost impossible that I’ll ever run that fast again. But, I’m hoping to not only run that fast again, but faster. I still hope to break 24 minutes sometime in the near future, so I guess it’s time to get to work!

Did you race this past weekend?

Have you gotten out to enjoy the fall colors?